Pug is one of the middle-aged dog breeds. With its ugly but cute appearance, it also occupies a certain position among dog lovers. Pugs are considerate and cute small dog breeds. This dog has an excellent clean and clean personality. These characteristics are the reasons for its popularity. The pug’s eyes were full of peace and longing.

Pug dogs are very strong, docile and elegant. The forehead has a wrinkle pattern and the fur is smooth and very nice. Its tightly curled tail and fat face are interesting. Pugs don’t need too much exercise or regular back hair, but they need a companion. At the same time, the Pug has a clean personality, these characteristics make it gradually become a popular companion dog, especially suitable for the elderly family companion dog.

Pugs also have some shortcomings, especially when sleeping, snoring is more severe. There are also bacteria or parasites that can easily breed in the folds. Therefore, only keeping the nurse clean will be healthy. In addition to these, there are shortcomings such as hair loss and large food intake. So if you want to raise a Pug, you must think clearly. Once you choose it, I hope you can stay with him for a lifetime.

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